Cold Press Juicers

Sprout offers the best cold press juicers available in the marketplace. All juicers are presented because of their ability to juice a wide range of fruits and vegetables – as well as wheatgrass and other leafy greens.

In my view, juicing the cold press way is the best way to create fresh, vibrant and healthy juice. Having been through the old style centrifugal way all those years ago and now with my Angel juicer, the difference is noticeable – not only in the quality of the juice but also with the associated clean up, setting up, dismantling of the machine. The cold press juicers are just so easy and quick to clean. Nothing really compares to them.

Strong brands such as Green Star, Greenpower, Omega, Carbel and the amazing Angel Juicer are all represented at Sprout. I’m sure you will sit back and think to yourself, “well, of course he is going to say that – he sells them”. That’s a fair enough thought to have and yes, I do sell them. But I have also sold some inferior brands earlier on in Sprout’s life. To be frank, they were more trouble than they were worth – for me and for the customer. If there is any appliance suited to the old saying “you get what you pay for”, it is certainly the juicer. Spend $99.00 on some inferior product from a High Street shop or Department Store and you might get 12 months out of it – and by the end of that 12 months, you will probably have started hating the machine 10 months ago and it has spent most of the time tucked away in the cupboard. I’ve heard it countless times. Whereas, if you spend $400+ on a name brand who focus on the development of brilliant cold press juicers, you have purchased a machine which will last a long time, be better suited to its workload, be easy to use, effortless to clean and look the part so it can take pride of place in your kitchen.

Don’t make juicing a chore – get yourself a machine that you enjoy using. It makes a world of difference.

Sprout’s range of Cold Press Juicers available in Australia is right here…

Cold Press Juicer Range from Sprout

Angel Juicer

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