Customer eBook

Thanks for your recent purchase from Sprout. I hope that you are getting some great use out of your new Juicer, Blender or Dehydrator.

This is the link to download the 60-Recipe eBook as promised with the purchase. It is full of a range of receipes for snacks, soups, smoothies, juices and more. It is designed by Biochef but the approach will be the same regardless of the brand of your unit. Click the link below to download straight on to your device (PDF).

Sprout Organic is a one-man business and I appreciate you choosing to shop with me. It can be an uphill battle competing with the larger businesses out there so if you have a chance to spend a few minutes submitting a review, that would be fantastic. The best place for a review is via Product Review either for Sprout specifically or for the model you purchased. If you do a search for e.g.. “Angel Juicer”, it will show you the review page.

Every little bit helps but please remember, if you have any issues or problems with your new purchase, please let me know first as I will be happy to do my best to help out with advice.

Here is your download –

60-Recipe Book


– Nathan

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