Dehydrating your food seems to be making a resurgence here in Australia. Excalibur machines, in particular, are walking out the door and to people right around the country. The Sedona 9-Tray units are also solid sellers and there appears to be a great deal of satisfied customers with a new dehydrator in their household.

Ideal for drying meats, fruits, vegetables, yogurts, herbs, flowers, craft materials and more, the new styles of dehydrators are as easy as ‘set-and-forget’. With handy timers, effective drying patterns and efficient power use, they will end up saving you money in the long run due to home-made, health snacks and reducing the amount of food waste. How so? Do you have some fruit sitting there that’s close to going in the compost? Don’t throw it out. Cut it in to slices and pop it in your dehydrator to make some great dried fruit snacks. Easy done.

Sprout has some great dehydrators right here – Dehydrator Range at Sprout

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